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The outsourcing of catering services can sometimes be seen as an enigma… "The dark arts of catering!" However our years of operational experience have given us a unique knowledge of the industry and the business practices of contract caterers: "We know how it Works!"

There are some excellent contract catering companies in this industry, ethical and professional, companies who do "just what it says on the tin!" It may be the service you are receiving is fair and performing well to the agreed terms of the contract.... great!

Let modus give your catering service a "catering health check" we will soon be able to establish quietly and without fuss if you are receiving a value for money service which is fit for purpose.

At modus we feel our "catering health check" is essential good business sense to help measure the performance of the services which you pay for and to ensure market awareness, to give peace of mind and optimise contract performance.

At modus we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity our findings will be candid and delivered without agenda.

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Workplace Catering

modus has the skills and resource to deliver a service to you which is second to none. We are specialists in the outsource service market, whether your aim is to test the market in confidence or you are considering a full tender of all your services: catering, hard and soft FM, security or perhaps exploring the option of taking your services in-house?

We have the experience and knowledge to offer balanced and impartial advice on the solution which best suits your needs to achieve your objectives. We can then assist you through each stage of the process.

Your aim may be just to evaluate your current offer or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve aspects of the service: quality control, financial performance and viability, maximising footfall and increasing sales, food safety or labour optimisation, sustainability?

This is what we do! During our initial meeting we can discuss your objectives; we can then establish your specific requirements and offer the best solution to deliver the “method of operation” which is best suited to achieve your goals.

We do not charge for our initial consultation and recommendation report, we are passionate about this industry and meeting with you to discuss your services and options would be our pleasure.


Please contact us for an initial meeting (in person or virtual) without any cost or commitment.

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